Laptop Repair Phoenix – Scottsdale – Glendale AZ

Call or Text 602-413-6454 Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Sunday Closed. Location and Directions

Our computer repair specialists in Phoenix can repair any laptop in the Valley – Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, or Glendale AZ. Whether your laptop is needing a new motherboard, replacing a broken screen, new batteries, keyboard replacement, data recovery, replacing the operating system, and virus removal.

Broken Laptop Screens/Notebook Screens

laptop-screenWe specialize in broken laptop screens – notebook screen repair. We can repair or replace any brand or model. Did you drop your laptop off the bed and fracture the screen? Did you sit on your notebook and crack the monitor housing or screen? No matter what you did to it, we can fix it. Our laptop screen replacement service will have your PC back up and running in no time. Don’t throw it away, repair it for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call now for a free quote.

Hard Drive Replacement

hard-drive-replacementDid you drop your laptop and now the hard drive won’t work? Did your computer just quit working? When it comes to hard drives, it’s not if they break down but rather when. That’s why it is so important to backup all your data. Hard drive replacement and installing a new operating system is second nature for us. We can replace any brand or model laptop’s hard drive and re-install the operating system or install a different operating system.


motherboardIs your motherboard bad? Not sure? We can run a diagnostic test on your laptop or notebook and determine exactly what the issue is and what the correct procedure would be to replace or repair it. A motherboard is the backbone of your laptop and we are well versed in motherboard testing, repair and replacement. We can find the correct replacement for any laptop or notebook model or brand.

Disc drive replacement

disc-drive-replacementDid your DVD quit working? Does your disc drive no longer read discs? Does your disc drive just spin and do nothing else?

We can fix that issue. Sometimes it’s as easy as a quick software update, and sometimes the drive is malfunctioning, but don’t worry, we can handle any problem. We can diagnose, replace and repair most DVD drives, CD/DVD drives, DVD/BluRay drives, and BluRay drives.

Don’t be left behind because your disc won’t work, call now for professional computer services.

Keyboard replacement

laptop-keyboard-replacementDid your keyboard quit typing? Keyboard won’t work anymore? Did you spill a beverage on your laptop? Whatever the reason your keyboard quit working, we can fix it. Most laptop keyboards cannot be repaired; instead, they must be replaced with a new keyboard from the manufacturer, at an average cost of $20 plus labor. Call now and let one of our professional technicians give you a free quote.

Data Recovery


We are experts in data recovery. Have you accidentally deleted files from your computer or laptop? Was there a malfunction within your device that promoted files to become ‘lost’? Data recovery and retrieval is the action of salvaging and collecting inaccessible files and information from corrupted or damaged storage, removable media or other files, whenever the information can’t be accessed or retrieved for use in the primary accustomed fashion.

Address : 2JTECH Computer Repair, 8850 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85020 Get directions

8850 N 2nd St
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Call or Text 602-413-6454

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