Data Recovery

All computers die and it’s inevitable that from time to time you will need the important files that you thought were backed up but were not. We can get that data back most of the time. We have specialized data recovery software and equipment designed to preserve and retain information from disabled hard drives.

LeeI use my laptop for work everyday and depend on it to track my work and my customers. Recently, I had accidentally ran over my laptop utterly destroying it.  With very little hope of ever seeing my customer’s list again, I called 2JTECH and hoped for the best. After about 4 hours I got the best call I could have receieved, Jeremy saved my data. Not only did he save my customer’s list, but he got everything, my pictures, videos, personal documents, all my e-books, and music too. Thank you Jeremy, I highly recommend him for any computer needs. ~Leah Mitchell

Recover data from memory

We know how important information can be to an individual or a company. Everything from the most sensitive documents to the most common pictures and music are stored in hard drive memory. When a hard drive goes bad it can be a total disaster for anyone who relies on the information on that drive. Fortunately 2JTECH is well adapted to locating and retrieving lost information on a hard drive.

We can help recover items like:

  • Family pictures
  • Music collections
  • Personal/company documents
  • Videos
  • Database information
  • Contact lists
  • Email archives
  • Business records

We can recover anything on the hard drive.

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