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Computers will always, eventually become slower with time and use. The more you operate your system the more ‘wear and tear’ it goes through. Until the day you find yourself waiting on your device rather than your device servicing you. Quite often the fastest solution to your problem may seem to be a new machine. Not so. Our repair service for Personal Computers and Laptops takes usual less time than you’d spend shopping for a new machine. Plus the added additional time of first backing up all your current data then transferring all your stored data to a new device, plus making sure that nothing was corrupted along the way. Starting to get the picture?

Not to mention what do you do once your brand new just out of the box machine starts to slow down just like the old device? It’s called Planned obsolescence. Rather than getting trapped in the seemingly never-ending cycle of continually buying new, allow 2JTech to service your PCs and Laptops keeping them running like they were supposedly designed to do for as long as you’d like them to do. Our techs can not only fix your current problems but, with on-going maintenance and service, keep you from having ever continuing problems with slow running machines.

We at 2JTech can help solve any and all computer related problems. We are experts at replacing or restoring corrupted files and bad old drivers. Our computer technicians will bring your Windows operating system back to its original factory state. That’s our guarantee.

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