Laptop Hard Drives

Primarily there are two reasons to replace the hard drives in a laptop or PC.

  • If your hard drive has experienced any technical failure and needs to be replaced in order for your machine to function
  • You desire to upgrade your primary hard drive to a Solid State drive for the speed.

Prior to the actual procedure of swapping out and or upgrading, we will need to make a complete backup of all the data that you wish to maintain. ( Usually, this means ALL data you currently have. Why else is it there, right?) We will then uninstall and remove the older drive(s), install the newer Sold State drive options, and restore all data that was backed-up.

Because the actual procedures vary depending on the machine you have and drivers needed we strongly recommend having an experienced computer tech handle the upgrade(s). Doing so will save you time and possible aggravation as compared to trying to follow something step by step on-line.

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