Prompt and Courteous Computer Repair Service in Phoenix

Prompt and Courteous Computer Repair Service in Phoenix

On December 24th Marcus Jones of Phoenix writes a compliment to his computer repair professional in Phoenix Arizona.

Marcus writes:

We have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that crashed over a year ago. We initially contacted the manufacturer who told us the hard drive needed to be replaced. After that, we took the laptop to Data Doctors, who told us it would cost over $300 to replace the hard drive or they could simply take the laptop and recycle since $300 was the cost of buying a new laptop. We did not feel comfortable with Data Doctors, so we held off on doing anything with the laptop for several months. We eventually came across Jeremy’s information on Google. We dropped off the laptop mid-morning and the repairs were completed by the end of the day. Jeremy replaced the hard drive with a larger one and increase the memory for only $120. The laptop works great and is faster than before. Very prompt and courteous service. ~ Marcus Jones

Thank you Marcus, we are happy to work with you and provide the very best quality computer repair in Phoenix. We provide the same great computer repair service to all of our current customers and new customers alike.

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